Restaurant Review: Handmade Burger Co., Hull

Handmade Burger Co., St. Stephen's Shopping Centre, Hull

I love a good veggie burger. Unfortunately, the majority of veggie burgers I get served when eating out are not exactly what I’d call good. A bland vegetable patty, usually overloaded with mushy sweetcorn, served on a limp bread bun with a meagre sprinkling of salad. It’s uninspired, dull, and so not what vegetarian food is all about!

Thankfully, the Handmade Burger Co. know what they’re doing when it comes to proper vegetarian burgers. They have seven different vegetarian burger options, four of which are vegan, and two of which I can reliably confirm are absolutely delicious.

The veggie burgers are normally priced between £6.95 and £7.65 in Hull, making them pretty reasonable value for money. However, the Handmade Burger Co. are currently offering 50% off vegan food until January 31st, in aid of Veganuary. That knocks the prices of the four vegan burgers down to less than £4 each. I felt obliged to indulge!

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