Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick – Rebel With Cause

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick - Rebel With Cause

What can you buy for £1 nowadays? Most newspapers cost over £1, as do magazines and TV guides. A 500ml drink would push you over £1 in most places. Bus tickets for £1 or less? I wish! Back in the day I could go into to the newsagents with £1 and leave a very happy girl, with a (free) carrier bag full of all my favourite sweets and a newspaper for my parents… the good ol’ days of the early noughties, eh?

Before I digress any further, the point I’m trying to make is that it’s hard to get anything half decent for a quid nowadays. Step up Makeup Revolution!

Makeup Revolution have taken the beauty blogging world by storm in the last couple of years, thanks to their high quality and undeniable value for money. One of my favourite products from Makeup Revolution is the Amazing Lipstick in a shade called Rebel With Cause and it costs – you guessed it – just £1!

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