ASOS Contrast Bikini + 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Swimwear

ASOS Contrast Bikini


I’ve been waiting to say that for ages. Pack away your jackets and black tights, the heat has finally arrived! I haven’t worn a jacket since March and every time I’ve left the house I have regretted that decision – Hull looks so warm through a window, but we don’t half get some nasty cold winds. Finally I can bear my arms without getting goosebumps!

With summer finally here, it’s time to talk about sun, sea and swimwear.¬†Many women get nervous at the thought of wearing swimming costumes and bikinis, and just two weeks ago I would have counted myself in this category too. However,¬†with a few tips on body confidence and dressing for your shape, being ready to bare all in a bikini is much easier than you’d think.

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