OOTD: Zara Herringbone Coat

OOTD: Primark Jeans & Zara Coat

NOTE: I’ve had this post in my drafts since the beginning of November, back when it was actually cold, the days were getting shorter and the crisp, cold winds were knocking our temperatures down into single figures. Also, this beautiful coat was full price. Thanks to the Zara winter sale, you can now get it for 25% off!

I absolutely HATE the cold, and the fact my boyfriend and I are now paying our own utility bills for the first time in our lives means that I have turned into my dad and demanded that the heating not be turned on unless absolutely necessary. Although I may be a cheapskate when it comes to the central heating, I actually indulged in a purchase that didn’t include student discount, for once. Meet my beautiful new Zara Herringbone Coat, guaranteed to keep me warm on even the coldest of evenings!

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OOTD: H&M Constellation Scarf

Even though it’s supposed to be the middle of summer here in the UK at the moment, the weather still seems a little chilly. Brits need a wardrobe full of diverse clothing options to be prepared for any kind of weather at any time of year, and a perfect accessory to help prepare for our changeable weather conditions is a light, floaty scarf. I spotted this beauty in H&M a few weeks ago and decided it was the perfect scarf for our varied summer conditions.

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Ways to Wear: Vintage Scarves

Vintage Scarves

Every Friday this March I am posting a new entry in a series I’m calling ‘Ways to Wear’, where I’ll be talking about my favourite ways to wear different types of clothing, jewellery and accessories. This week’s post is all about vintage scarves.

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