Sewing Sunday: Floral Knee Length Skirt (from Merrick’s Art)

Sewing Sunday: Floral Knee Length Skirt (from Merrick's Art)

Holy shit you guys, I actually sewed something half decent on my first try after the sewing class! I actually made this skirt during my Easter break from university but essay writing gets in the way, hence I’m finally blogging about it two months later. I’ll try and keep up to date with blogging in the future, I promise!

Using this tutorial from Merrick’s Art, I made a skirt. It’s not perfect and it didn’t turn out anything like Merrick’s pictures, but for a first attempt at clothing I don’t think it’s half bad at all.

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DIY Knotted Headband Tutorial + Free Pattern Download

DIY Knotted Headband (with free pattern download)

Howdy, y’all!

Ever since buying my woodland print tunic, I have been a little obsessed with the matching headband. Alright then, a lot obsessed. It’s so comfy and it adds cuteness to every outfit you wear it with, as well as helping to tame unruly or slightly greasy locks on bad hair days.

However, as a lover of boldly patterned clothes (I’m sure you’ve noticed that already!) the busy little woodland print doesn’t go with the majority of my wardrobe, so I decided to have a go at making my own knotted headbands from plainer fabrics and different patterns.

I drafted my original pattern by hand onto some card stock before creating a digital pattern. I wanted to have a back-up in case my hand drafted template gets beaten up from overuse – what can I say, I’m intending to make a lot of headbands! I’m sharing the pattern with you today – you can click to download the PDF below.

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DIY Sinus Clearing Balm

So, I’m ill. And it sucks, big time. I’ve also managed to pass my illness onto my boyfriend, so I have him to look after as well as myself – he doesn’t cope too well when he’s sick. However, our cold germs have given us the opportunity to try out my homemade sinus clearing balm and I’m happy to say that it has worked really well on both of us!

This vegan decongestant balm is loaded with powerful, feel-good essential oils but contains none of the petrochemicals you typically find in store-bought versions.

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DIY Double Mint & Shea Butter Lip Balm (Vegan)

So lately I’ve been a little bit addicted to Humblebee & Me and it’s inspired me to start making my own cosmetics! If you haven’t already checked out Humblebee & Me, it’s an amazing blog with plenty of DIY recipes for makeup, soap, toiletries and more. I needed a lip balm in the week after Christmas as the cold was cracking my poor lips something wicked, so I decided to whip something up myself and this is what I came up with!

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