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“I wouldn’t want to be eaten, worn or tested on, so why should I treat animals any differently?”

Looking good and feeling great isn’t easy when you’re on a budget, but when you’re also trying to be as animal-friendly as possible, it becomes even more difficult. That is why I created Poppy alla Norma in December 2014 – I wanted to show the world that it is more than possible to indulge in the latest trends without harming bunnies or your bank balance.

Although Poppy alla Norma primarily focusses on fashion and beauty, this site has so much more to offer. For avid crafters there are plenty of DIY ideas to serve as inspiration, and as I hone my photography skills you’ll hopefully be seeing more and more delicious recipes. Student life and travel tips also make occasional appearances, as do my musings on health and fitness.

I hope you find the posts on Poppy alla Norma engaging and insightful; if you do, please do leave a comment! I love hearing what readers have to say and I always reply, so make sure to check back for a response.

Me? Wrong? Never!About Poppy

That’s me – I am the Poppy in Poppy alla Norma. I have been a vegetarian since 2007 and before you ask, the answer is no – I don’t miss meat or fish in the slightest. I am very proud of my Italian ancestry and it tends to come out in my cooking – Pasta alla Norma is my all-time favourite dish, hence it is the namesake of my blog.

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Poppy alla Norma

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If you have any questions or requests please feel free to email me using the address below – I am generally quite busy, but I will always try to respond as promptly as I can.Email AddressAlso, you can follow me on social media using the following links:

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Note: Occasionally, I will feature products on Poppy alla Norma that have been given to me for free in exchange for an honest review. Rest assured, however, that all words and opinions are always my own – receiving free gifts will never be more important to me than telling my readers the truth! I would never accept freebies from a company that I believe does not fit in with my blog content, or would force me to compromise my values.

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