Sewing Sunday: Tartan Square Circle Skirt (Fail)

Sewing Sunday: Tartan Square Circle Skirt

So, this isn’t what I intended to post for this week’s Sewing Sunday post. I’ve worked six days this week – how some people manage to work full time, make clothes and blog regularly is absolutely beyond me – so I just haven’t had time to finish writing about anything I mentioned in my update post a few weeks ago. Therefore, I’m sharing a sewing fail with you all. Read on to find out what went wrong!

I made this skirt a couple of months ago. It took me around five hours to make in total, including making the pattern. Not bad for an afternoon’s work, eh? The feeling of satisfaction I got after completing it was immense, and as is customary with a circle skirt I couldn’t stop spinning around the house in it.

I made the skirt using Annika Victoria’s awesome tutorial on YouTube. My only drastic change was to add some side seam pockets, which I can actually fit my hands into unlike last time! The world needs more pockets, especially when the weather is so damn cold. I also used an invisible zip instead of the regular zipper Annika used, simply because it’s what I had to hand.

I have made a circle skirt before, as a gift for my bestie. Hemming this square skirt was a million times easier than hemming a standard circle skirt, and I found that my skirt ended up coming together quite well, even with the addition of side seam pockets. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the back but the invisible zip is the most invisible I’ve inserted, which was a very proud moment indeed!

I have to be honest and say that I’m not overly impressed with the fabric, wherein lies the fail. I bought a metre of it off eBay with the initial intention of making a pencil skirt, but the fabric is a cotton lycra jersey with absolutely no recovery. Not exactly what you want in a tight-fitting pencil skirt, right? I thought I’d be better treating this not-quite jersey as a woven fabric, so I made a zippered skirt instead.

However, the waistband doesn’t hold its shape and the skirt begins to slide down after being worn for a few hours, thanks to the weight of the skirt and the contents of my pockets. Once again I’ve made a skirt that has pockets I can’t use! Washing it does seem to alleviate the problem temporarily, but suffice to say, the skirt doesn’t get regular wear. In fact, since I made this skirt, I’ve worn it a grand total of once. If I’d thought ahead I would have interfaced the inside of the waistband to stop it from stretching out as much. I could try to salvage this one by replacing the waistband, but I can’t be bothered with all that unpicking. I do absolutely loooove the shape though, so I’ll definitely be trying again with a woven fabric instead.

Have you ever had a go at making a square circle skirt? Make sure to leave a link below if you have!

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