Restaurant Review: Handmade Burger Co., Hull

Handmade Burger Co., St. Stephen's Shopping Centre, Hull

I love a good veggie burger. Unfortunately, the majority of veggie burgers I get served when eating out are not exactly what I’d call good. A bland vegetable patty, usually overloaded with mushy sweetcorn, served on a limp bread bun with a meagre sprinkling of salad. It’s uninspired, dull, and so not what vegetarian food is all about!

Thankfully, the Handmade Burger Co. know what they’re doing when it comes to proper vegetarian burgers. They have seven different vegetarian burger options, four of which are vegan, and two of which I can reliably confirm are absolutely delicious.

The veggie burgers are normally priced between £6.95 and £7.65 in Hull, making them pretty reasonable value for money. However, the Handmade Burger Co. are currently offering 50% off vegan food until January 31st, in aid of Veganuary. That knocks the prices of the four vegan burgers down to less than £4 each. I felt obliged to indulge!

Chickpea & Quinoa Burger at Handmade Burger Co., Hull

For lunch today I had the Chickpea and Quinoa Burger with Fried Onions, a side of Gherkins and Sweet Potato Fries with Rosemary Salt. I got this tasty, filling meal for less than £7.50, thanks to the Veganuary discount. Delicious and purse-friendly – what’s not to love? I’d happily pay full price for the meal and still feel like I got good value for money.

If you like sweet potato then you just have to try the Sweet Potato Fries. Topped with the Rosemary Salt they are nothing short of perfection, with the fragrant rosemary and crunchy rock salt perfectly complementing the sweetness of the potato.

As for the burger itself, it was delicious. I have a tendency to find relishes and chutneys too sweet for my savoury-loving tastes, but the HBC relish has more than enough flavour to ensure that you aren’t overwhelmed by sugariness. Combined with the strength of the gherkins and fried onions, I didn’t think the chickpea patty was overly flavoursome, but when I broke a little off and ate it alone I knew I was wrong. I am a gherkin addict and have previously eaten an entire (LARGE) jar to myself in one evening (don’t judge, okay?!) but I think the gherkins I added to my burger overpowered the earthy, subtle flavour of the patty. Next time I probably won’t order any, I’ll just grab a jar from Tesco to eat on the drive home instead 😉

Sweet Potato & Bean Burger at Handmade Burger Co., Hull

We ordered a little too much food last time! In the foreground you can see my Sweet Potato & Bean Burger with Gherkins (of course), and way off in the distance is my boyfriend’s BBQ ‘Slow n Low’ Pulled Pork Burger.

I’ve actually been to the Handmade Burger Co. restaurant in St Stephen’s before, when they were running a 30% off student offer during the student lock-in. Last time I had the Sweet Potato & Bean Burger, and although both of the burgers I’ve tried were incredibly nice, I marginally preferred the Sweet Potato simply because of the wonderful mango and ginger salsa. I’d certainly have the Chickpea and Quinoa again though, sans the gherkins.

My omnivorous readers will be glad to know that meat eaters are well catered for too. My boyfriend had the Chicken, Brie and Cranberry Burger today and he really liked it – he doesn’t speak when he’s really enjoying a meal, and he barely said a word as he was eating today! He didn’t enjoy it as much as the BBQ ‘Slow n Low’ Pulled Pork Burger with Cheese and Bacon he had last time, which he reliably informs me is (and I quote), “positively scrumptious”.

For the price I can highly recommend the Handmade Burger Co. for a great value, tasty meal. The staff in the Hull branch were very friendly and attentive, and our wait for food was less than fifteen minutes. To be honest one of my favourite things about HBC is their wide vegetarian selection; it’s such a novelty to have so many veggie-friendly options to choose from! Speaking as a vegetarian rather than a vegan, I absolutely did not miss dairy products from my meal at all and I honestly think HBC’s vegan options could satisfy even the pickiest of meat-eaters.

I have to be honest and say that this was not a post I had planned for today, but I enjoyed my lunch so much I just had to write about it. The fact that a burger chain is offering so many great meat-free options, along with supporting Veganuary, is absolutely great and I’d encourage you all to go along to support the company by indulging in the delicious food! You can find your nearest restaurant here.

Have you tried a Handmade Burger Co. burger yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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