Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick – Rebel With Cause

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick - Rebel With Cause

What can you buy for £1 nowadays? Most newspapers cost over £1, as do magazines and TV guides. A 500ml drink would push you over £1 in most places. Bus tickets for £1 or less? I wish! Back in the day I could go into to the newsagents with £1 and leave a very happy girl, with a (free) carrier bag full of all my favourite sweets and a newspaper for my parents… the good ol’ days of the early noughties, eh?

Before I digress any further, the point I’m trying to make is that it’s hard to get anything half decent for a quid nowadays. Step up Makeup Revolution!

Makeup Revolution have taken the beauty blogging world by storm in the last couple of years, thanks to their high quality and undeniable value for money. One of my favourite products from Makeup Revolution is the Amazing Lipstick in a shade called Rebel With Cause and it costs – you guessed it – just £1!

Read on to find out more…

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick - Rebel With CauseAs you can see from the pictures, this lipstick is looking pretty well used – the bullet is covered in little score marks from my lipstick brush, the gold ‘Makeup Revolution’ has almost disappeared off the lid and the shiny black plastic is now looking a little grotty and grey. That is because this lipstick is one of only four lip products that have the privilege of living in my every day make-up bag, and it’s looking a little battered as a result!

Rebel With Cause is my go-to lipstick. I love wine shades, but sometimes they can be a little too dark against my pale skin. This colour, however, is perfect since it has quite a pink base.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick - Rebel With Cause

Although this may not sound like a good thing, this lipstick isn’t the most pigmented in the world, but that actually makes me like it more. It means that the colour is buildable, making it a really versatile shade that can go from day to night with an extra layer. I’m impressed with the formula too – it’s neither greasy nor drying, glossy nor matte. I usually top it with a layer of Lipcote for extra staying power and for the mattifying effect it gives, but even when I forget to use Lipcote, Rebel With Cause still lasts a good three or four hours before fading.

Like the Redemption eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution, these lipsticks offer great value for money. I can’t believe they’re only £1! The colour selection is incredible – they even have green, blue and black lipsticks for £1 each if you’re feeling adventurous.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick - Rebel With Cause

If you fancy trying Rebel With Cause you can find it on the Makeup Revolution website here.

What’s your favourite Makeup Revolution product? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • This colour really suits you! I think it’s a tad too bright for me but you look lovely!

    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

  • I love dark colors. This shade is perfect for me. It looks darker in the tube when not applied I noticed. Thanks for the review. I’m going to buy it. Can never have too many wine colors!


    • Yes, it’s definitely darker in the tube – the darkness attracted me at first but I’m glad it’s a little pinker when swatched. Woohoo, looking forward to hearing what you think of it when it arrives!

  • Daianastories

    NIce post!

    #Daianastories-visit my blog.

  • pendulum

    Looks beautiful, the colour really suits you and you can’t complain at the price! I’m a little bit in love with your hat as well 🙂

    Extreme Housewifery

    • Thank you 🙂 I’d happily pay so much more for this lippie, it’s the bargain of the century as far as I’m concerned!
      I should wear the hat more often, I got it in a Forever 21 sale ages ago but it’s wool so I’m a little scared of getting it wet, and rain is always a distinct possibility here in Manchester!

  • Ooh this is really lovely!! I love this shade and it’s such a great price! Who can complain about that! It looks great on you as well!:)

    Shannon Sage

    • Thank you, lovely! 🙂 I know, a lipstick for just £1 is incredible, especially when you consider how good quality it is too!

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