Luxemme Darchelle Dress

Luxemme Darchelle Dress | Poppy alla Norma

…and now for something completely different! Here’s a fun fact for you – I have NEVER in my life worn a backless dress. In fact, I’m pretty scared of them. As lovely as backless dresses look on some people, I just can’t get over the fact I can’t easily wear a bra with them. Going braless just feels so… wrong. So, why exactly have I written a rave review about one? Read on to find out…

By the way, I found my facial expressions in these photos hilarious as I was going through and editing them, so feel more than welcome to laugh your head off at my smirks and resting bitch face. You’re welcome.

Luxemme Darchelle Dress | Poppy alla Norma

The kind people at Luxemme offered me a chance to review an item from their website and I jumped at the opportunity to feature their ‘Parisian chic with Manchester street style’ brand here on Poppy alla Norma. I took quite a long time to decide which item to choose because I didn’t really think anything from their range would suit me – their items all looked a bit too short and revealing for me. However, when the Darchelle dress became one of the items available to bloggers, the longer length roped me in and I snapped it up immediately. It looked so lovely on the model, surely it would look good on me too?

When it arrived, my heart sank. The dress featured every detail I was terrified of wearing – a midi length that would make me look short, clingy fabric with a slight shine that would highlight every lump and bump, and the lack of a back that would mean I couldn’t wear a bra for security in comfort. Regardless, I put on my brave face, tried it on and hoped for the best.

Luxemme Darchelle Dress | Poppy alla Norma

This dress completely conquered my fears.

Although the fabric has a slight sheen to it, it isn’t shiny enough to highlight every bump you have and is more similar to swimming costume fabric than the shiny satin I would run away screaming from. It’s stretchy, smooth and oh-so-comfortable, making it feel more luxurious than the usual jersey this type of dress is made from. The midi length is unbelievably flattering on my 5’7” frame and the longer length perfectly balances out the statement back, so you don’t feel like you’re flashing too much skin.

Luxemme Darchelle Dress | Poppy alla Norma

I have to say, this dress feels WAY more revealing than it actually looks, especially if, like me, you’ve spent your entire life trying to avoiding outfits that you can’t wear a bra with. I can’t get enough of the way the crossover straps at the back look, they add a lovely surprise to an otherwise basic LBD. I am a bit scared of revealing too much sideboob, but I guess that’s what Eylure Body Tape is for! Speaking of which, I’d recommend taping the living daylights out of the cowl neck to prevent any, ahem, embarrassing moments when you lean forwards. Consider yourselves warned.

After removing the dress, the fabulous-but-hideously-uncomfortable H&M heels and my theatrical OOTD make-up, I started to think more about styling. This dress is a lot more versatile than I initially thought, and I actually felt a little guilty for pigeon-holing it as a revealing evening dress that would only see the light of day on the couple of nights a year I go clubbing. You can still highlight the back detail without exposing too much skin, and I started to realise that I would end up wearing this dress much more than I had anticipated.

Luxemme Darchelle Dress | Poppy alla Norma

Ta-dah – a perfect daytime outfit! You may well recognise parts of this outfit from some previous posts; the Topshop velvet shoes appeared when I was styling patterned pencil skirts, and I wore the H&M top with my Primark high-low skirt. I’ve worn this outfit quite a bit recently, albeit without the silly hair bunches that for some reason I thought would look good with the off-the-shoulder top. You can have a lot of fun teaming that awesome back detailing with different tops – personally, I think it would look great with a sheer mesh or lace crop top underneath. In fact, I fully intend to try this mesh crop top tutorial by This Fashion is Mine for wearing with this dress, I’ll have to report back and let you know how it goes!

Although the Darchelle is sadly no longer available, Luxemme have several similar styles on their website, amongst many other gorgeous pieces. I can highly recommend Luxemme as a brand – the quality of this dress is outstanding and I love their unusual designs. I will definitely be ordering from them again!

Do you have your eye on anything from Luxemme? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • jan

    Wow, gorgeous dress you look beautiful.

  • Blondes & Bagels

    You’re totally rocking it, Poppy! You look AMAZING and way to go conquering those fears (I have the same ones…)!
    xoxo Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels