Great Scott – It’s Back to the Future Day!

Back to the Future Part II - Opening Credits

Fire up your flux capacitors and get ready to hit 88 miles per hour, it’s Back to the Future Day! In case you missed the futuristic explosion on social media today, October 21st, 2015 is the date to which Marty McFly travels in Back to the Future Part II and there are all sorts of celebrations going on. Nike have sent Michael J. Fox the first pair of self-lacing trainers, the BBC have compiled a list of everything that the film got right and wrong about 2015, and TeeFury have released an awesome collection of t-shirts to commemorate this day.

Over here at alla Norma HQ (did I really just call my house that?!) the boyf and I have been celebrating by watching the trilogy, of course! We may not have clear ties or hover cars yet (I’m eagerly awaiting my clear tie, a hover car not so much) but it is so much fun to see what they got right in the second film, I couldn’t believe it when Biff paid for a taxi journey with his fingerprint – the future really is now!

Truffle Shuffle Back to the Future T-Shirt

I also wanted to quickly mention the t-shirt I bought for the occasion – since it’s getting dark earlier and earlier unfortunately I left it too late in the day to take any half-decent shots with my camera, so you’ll have to put up with a crappy phone selfie, sorry everyone.

The t-shirt in question was purchased from Truffle Shuffle’s eBay store. I ordered it last Thursday night and it arrived on Saturday morning – I was chuffed to bits and mighty impressed to receive it so quickly. It’s a great fit too, although I’d definitely recommend using the measurements to find your size – I’m usually a UK size 12, but the Large with a 38″ bust measurement fits me perfectly, despite being recommended by Truffle Shuffle as a size 14. I can highly recommend Truffle Shuffle and I’ll definitely be ordering from them again, I’ve already started picking out Christmas presents for my family and friends from their website! (Spoiler alert, much?)

Finally, I have an appeal for you sewing enthusiasts out there – does anyone know where I can get some giraffe print fabric? My jaw dropped when I noticed Lorraine’s 1950s skirt, it’s absolutely stunning. I haven’t made a skirt since my Cath Kidston Perfect Summer Skirt, so Lorraine’s giraffe midi is definitely heading to the top of my ‘to make’ list.

Back to the Future Part II - Lorraine's Giraffe Print Skirt

I need Lorraine’s outfit in my life so much it hurts. Gaaaah.

How have you been celebrating Back to the Future Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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