The Monochrome Edit | Homeware Wishlist

The Monochrome Edit | Homeware Wishlist

1. Candle | £12 | Flamingo Candles
2. Square Dining Set | £39.50 | Marks & Spencer
3. Place Mats | £10.49 | Dunelm
4. Cake Stand | £24.99 | Amazon
5. Weekly Organiser | £45 | Next Home

As we get closer to the start of university, I am getting more and more excited at the prospect of moving back to Hull. My boyfriend and I will be living in a two bedroom house just a five minute walk away from the university and we can’t wait to move in together. We had a couple of problems when we first got the keys, including a horrific stained kitchen carpet and a faulty gas cooker that tried to set fire to me when I turned it on, but thankfully our landlords have taken them to the tip and now we’re ready to move in properly. The house doesn’t feel particularly homely at the moment, but with the help of some stylish monochromatic accessories like these I’m sure we’ll have our own little home away from home in no time.

 Pretty candles can be used as ornaments to brighten up a dull room, as well as filling it with a lovely fragrance when they’re lit. The Vanilla & Black Pepper candle by Flamingo Candles sounds divine, a complex blend of vanilla, black pepper, orange, lemon and a hint of rosemary. The gorgeous jar, complete with a sparkly black flamingo sticker, would be perfect for brightening up a bare mantelpiece.

When I was first moving to university and I spotted black crockery in IKEA, I thought it was the bee’s knees and I just HAD to have it. However, after living with my black plates for two years and consistently failing to take decent shots of food on them, I’ve realised that the majority of food just looks so much better on a white background. My boyfriend agrees, and we’ve decided to replace our chipped and scratched coloured dinnerware with a more demure and classy set. The Andante Square Dinner Set from Marks & Spencer is actually the same dining set my parents have, and I have always loved the soft square shape. They have held up really well over the years and are definitely good quality for the money, as you would expect from M&S. Despite the steep initial investment, these plates should last for years.

Since we have our very own dining table this year, I really want to make it look as pretty as possible. I have found many different place mats I’ve thought would look good in our new house, but slate mats have always been my favourites. Grey always looks chic, and the fact that they can be used as chalkboards makes them even cooler – I can write the title of the evening’s meal on them! They appeal to the geek in me, alright?! This set of four slate place mats from Dunelm is affordable and it gets good reviews on the website; you can’t really ask for much more.

As you may have already gathered if you are a regular reader of Poppy alla Norma, I am a food lover, so of course there are lots of things I’d love to buy to make our kitchen that little bit more fabulous. I have been baking a lot recently, and whenever I hit up my favourite food blogs for inspiration I fall head over heels for the glamorous cake stands I see proudly displaying their latest creations. I have been looking for the perfect cake stand for quite a while now, but as soon as I found this stainless steel beauty my quest was over. The large lid makes this stand perfect for tall cakes like my Black Forest Gateau, and the shiny base would add a desperately needed touch of glamour to our kitchen. The stand is ready and waiting in my Amazon basket as I type this, I’m sure I’ll end up buying it soon!

It can be tough to stay organised when you’re at uni, but the gorgeous chalkboard wall organiser from Next would be perfect for writing down your weekly schedule, including gym workouts, weekly shops, bin days and visits home. The hooks on the bottom ensure that your keys never go walkabout, and the built-in clock will keep you running on time for the tasks of the day. I really love this organiser and, although it is expensive, I think it would be well worth the money if it helps to keep us up-to-date with all of our weekly errands.

What’s on your homeware wishlist at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • jan

    Love your wishlist.

    • Thanks! If only I had the money to buy it all, right?

  • I’m in love with square dining sets! I don’t know what it is about them, but they just make dishes look fancier haha! Nice wishlist! x

    • They really do! They are such an easy way to make a meal feel that little bit more special and classy – it’s amazing how something as simple as the shape of a plate can do that. Thank you x

  • Absolutely love every piece you have here. Especially the chalk board, I’ve wanted one of these for my kitchen for ages but I just don’t have any wall space :(. I love the square bowl set too, I got something similar for John Lewis recently but was a bit pricer 🙁

    Tarnya /

    • Thank you, I just wish I had the money to buy it all! It’s a shame you don’t have enough wall space for a chalkboard organiser, but you may be able to find a magnetic version for your fridge instead? There’s just something so chic about square plates, I’ll have to check out the John Lewis set. Thanks for commenting! 🙂