Review: Superdrug Solait Suncare

Review: Superdrug Solait Suncare

White Rabbit! I can’t believe it’s July already – where is this year going?

Here in Britain we’re currently in the midst of a two-day heatwave and, being as white as a sheet and a hayfever sufferer like I am, I’m hating it. I’m sincerely hoping for a quick return of the rain and big grey clouds I’m used to as a Mancunian!

Although sunbathing is my idea of hell, sometimes you can’t avoid sun exposure. That’s when you have to reach for the sun cream, but finding decent cruelty-free sun protection can be tricky business. Before I went to Spain I spent a long time looking for a reputable brand of CF suncream, and after a lot of searching, I decided to head to my local Superdrug and try out their Solait brand of suncare products.

I purchased these items about a month ago, during a half price suncare promotion at Superdrug. Unfortunately this offer has now ended, but thankfully the prices of Solait products are still very reasonable, especially if you have an NUS card and are able to take advantage of their 10% student discount in addition to any offers.

I purchased four products from the Solait range, and I am pleased to report that I was impressed by all of them. I would have gone for the Anti-Ageing Face Fluid (suitable for vegetarians) in SPF 50 had my local Superdrug had it in stock, but the SPF 30 turned out to be great on my skin, leaving my face with a slight tan and no sign of the burnt red nose I sometimes get. I have had problems with sun cream breaking me out in the past, but I didn’t end up with any extra spots or blackheads after using this face fluid – its claims of being ‘non pore blocking’ are completely true, and I would have no qualms about recommending this to people with sensitive, oily or spot-prone skin. It also turned out to be a decent primer, and left me with a smooth base over which I could apply my mineral foundation. I sincerely hope Superdrug don’t ever discontinue this product, it has definitely become a holiday essential for me!

 The sunscreen I chose for my body was the Clear Protect Transparent Sun Spray (suitable for vegans) in SPF 30. I am one of those people who hates the sticky, shiny finish of traditional sun cream, so the promises of a ‘non-greasy’, ‘quick drying’ spray were very appealing. Although this spray does leave a slight sheen on your skin, it is nowhere near as sticky as some sun protection can be. The spray is easy to apply, and I found the protection to be reliable – even after forgetting to reapply after swimming and towelling one day, I didn’t burn at all. It is worth so much more than the bargain price I snagged it for, and if you’re a sticky skin hater like me I would encourage you to give this spray a try.

Review: Superdrug Solait Suncare

 I am an indecisive being, so I ended up with two aftersuns – the Moisturising After-Sun Spray (suitable for vegans) and the Nourishing Dry Oil Aftersun (suitable for vegetarians). My theory was to use the dry oil on the days I didn’t burn, and use the moisturising spray on any days I did. Fortunately the sun spray kept me well protected and I didn’t burn at all, but it does mean that I didn’t get to try the moisturising spray on holiday. Giving it a go here in Britain, the spray feels refreshing and I can see how it would be soothing to sunburnt skin, especially if it had been kept in the fridge.

I used the Nourishing Dry Oil Aftersun frequently whilst I was away. A little goes an incredibly long way with this spray – as you can see from the picture above, the bottle still looks brand new despite the fact I used it every night for 10 days! This offers exceptional value for money, and the product itself is lovely. I love the fresh, slightly tropical scent and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth. It does leave the skin looking shiny, but I used it before I went to sleep and when I woke up in the morning the shine was gone, leaving behind lovely-smelling, soft skin. It is worth remembering that this is a dry oil, and therefore isn’t moisturising at all. If you’re a fan of the nourishment left behind by body lotions and butters, you may want to use this spray in conjunction with your usual moisturiser rather than just using the spray alone.

Overall, I can highly recommend Solait suncare products to anyone looking for cruelty-free, affordable and vegetarian/vegan sun protection this summer. I have no idea how they can sell such high quality sun protection for such a low price! You can find the range here.

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