Stag Head Necklace

Stag Head Necklace

After spending a lovely ten days away in Spain, I’m back at work today. The weather is miserable here in Britain and the nights are drawing in, I’d give anything to be back on the beach!

Whilst I was unpacking on Sunday, I realised that one of the things I wore most whilst I was away – apart from the Primark skirt I posted about the other day – was a cheapo necklace from eBay. Everyone, meet my stag!

Stag Head Necklace

You may well recognise him from this photo I posted on Instagram the other day!

Considering how often I’ve worn this necklace since buying it, the £2.88 price tag makes my stag the bargain of the century. He’s well made; he has survived falls onto tiled floors and snags on floaty clothing without losing a single crystal – something I usually worry about when buying sparkly jewellery from eBay.

He goes with everything, and he gets plenty of compliments from strangers. The chain is the perfect length, not short enough to make him fall down my cleavage when I’m wearing a low-cut top, and not long enough to end up being banged against the edge of every table I sit at. He has well and truly earned his place as one of my favourite necklaces!

Unfortunately it looks as though the seller I bought my stag from doesn’t have any more left, although you can check here just in case they come back in stock in the future. If you type ‘stag head necklace’ into the search bar on eBay you will find many similar necklaces that are just as nice.

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