Review: Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

Review: Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

It’s festival season! If you’re heading to Download this weekend or to another festival later in the summer, chances are you’re not planning to shower whilst you’re there. Even the Glastonbury website doesn’t advise waiting in the long queues to use their showers! Instead, you’ll most probably be packing plenty of wet wipes, hand sanitiser and some dry shampoo to keep greasy locks at bay.

But why should you trust Lush’s dry shampoo over the more popular brands, such as Batiste? Read on to find out…

For great quality vegan and cruelty free products, you can’t beat a trip to Lush. In fact, personally I think the smell of Lush shops is worth the visit alone – it’s divine. Amongst all the bath bombs and quirky cosmetics, Lush sell a wide variety of hair care products, from solid shampoo bars to henna dyes. One such product featured in their hair range is No Drought, a dry shampoo sold in a little bottle. Instead of being your standard aerosol dry shampoo, No Drought is sold as a powder, making it air travel friendly and suitable for hand luggage.

Being a powder has other advantages – this stuff lasts forever. I usually wash my hair every other day, and in order to give my hair a bit of volume on the day between washes, I use a touch of dry shampoo. A tin of Batiste used to last me around a month when being used every other day, but I have had the same bottle of No Drought since November and I’ve only used half. No Drought is sold in 50g bottles priced at £3.95, or 115g bottles for £6.95, so you get incredible value for money.

As well as lasting forever, No Drought does its job incredibly well. The smell is beautiful; a delicate mixture of grapefruit and lime essential oils. It absorbs grease well, and does not leave a telling white cast on dark hair as some other brands have a tendency to do. All you have to do to use it is pour a little on your fingertips and massage them through your hair – a little goes a long way. Instant volume, grease eradication and a lovely smell, what more could you want?

 I don’t throw this term around lightly – Lush’s No Drought dry shampoo is my HOLY GRAIL dry shampoo. Seriously, a small bottle costs less than £4 and lasts an absolute age, I would thoroughly recommend picking one up next time you’re around a Lush shop or ordering one online, especially if you’ll be camping at a festival this year!

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  • How interesting!! I haven’t come across a dry shampoo in a bottle before so thanks for sharing 🙂