Sewing Sunday: Floral Knee Length Skirt (from Merrick’s Art)

Sewing Sunday: Floral Knee Length Skirt (from Merrick's Art)

Holy shit you guys, I actually sewed something half decent on my first try after the sewing class! I actually made this skirt during my Easter break from university but essay writing gets in the way, hence I’m finally blogging about it two months later. I’ll try and keep up to date with blogging in the future, I promise!

Using this tutorial from Merrick’s Art, I made a skirt. It’s not perfect and it didn’t turn out anything like Merrick’s pictures, but for a first attempt at clothing I don’t think it’s half bad at all.

Having just learnt how to use a sewing machine again after completely forgetting what I learnt at age 11 in school, I decided that I wanted to make something nice and simple to start with. With an Easter trip to Hebden Bridge approaching, I wanted a nice knee length skirt that could easily transition between spring and summer, looking equally good with my staple thick black tights and my pale milk-bottle legs when summer finally arrives. When I found Merrick’s tutorial, I knew it would be the perfect first project.

It is not the shape I was expecting it to be but fortunately I think it suits me quite well. The skirt made by Merrick is A-line but mine doesn’t have enough material around the bottom to flare out like hers does. In the instructions she writes to cut out two pieces, each of which are 1.5x the circumference of your waist wide, but in the comments she wrote that the total width of the two pieces when sewn together should be 1.5x your waist circumference (i.e. each piece should be 0.75x your waist circumference). Confusing, right? I went with the measurements suggested in the comments and ended up with a close fit around my ample hips and behind, so I’m pretty sure her instructions were correct first time around. I also didn’t add any seam allowance, which probably didn’t help.

Sewing Sunday: Floral Knee Length Skirt (from Merrick's Art)

EDIT: this blog post by Molly and Stacie explains the process a little more clearly and apparently the measurements I used were correct after all, perhaps I just have a bigger waist to arse ratio? I think a trapezium shaped skirt would be a better A-line fit on my body than a rectangular shape.

I made mine shorter for the simple reason that I only had half a metre of fabric, so length had to be sacrificed to avoid having to return to Abakhan. Not that I don’t enjoy going to Abakhan, quite the opposite, I enjoy it so much that my boyfriend has to ensure I don’t go overboard and buy a metre or two of every fabric in sight. I like the length but next time I’ll probably have a go at making a midi skirt like Merrick did, I bought my first ever midi skirt during an Easter getaway to Hebden Bridge and I love it! I always thought that midi skirts were too long on me and made me look short, but ditching the opaque black tights I used to wear with absolutely everything has made me change my mind.

Merrick instructs you to create a waistband separately and stitch it to the body of the skirt, but I think next time I’ll simply add a few inches to the length of the skirt and fold the top down to create a casing for the elastic. There’s less stitching that way, and hopefully I’ll be able to focus my efforts into creating pockets for the skirt instead!

Sewing Sunday: Floral Knee Length Skirt (from Merrick's Art)

I thoroughly enjoyed sewing the skirt and despite a little frustration and unpicking, I can’t wait to get sewing again. Over the Easter break I did make something I can’t wait to share with you all, but it is no longer in my ownership! I will have to temporarily steal it back to take some pictures, so keep an eye out for that post.

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  • What a great first sewing project! I love the fun pattern you picked and your skirt turned out really well! Sewing your own clothes does come with a learning curve, but every project will make you better. You did use the correct measurements but if you have a small waist and bigger hips you might need to adjust the numbers (I also have that problem sometimes). A good rule of thumb for skirts like this is to start with your hip measurement and work from there. You don’t want too much excess fabric at your waist but you want it to be flowy and not fitted around your hips! Hope this helps!

    Molly and Stacie

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