Baylis & Knight Custom-Made Tunic

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore going to Affleck’s Palace in Manchester. I try to visit every time I’m at home and I never fail to find something unique and fabulous when I go. I still have the jewellery and bits I bought back when I first started going at age 13! Miniature Rubik’s Cube necklace, anyone?

Affleck's Palace, Manchester

Affleck’s Palace, Manchester

In case you’ve never heard of Affleck’s, it’s a three storey building in Manchester’s Northern Quarter containing dozens of little independent shops and boutiques which sell all sorts of alternative relics, such as vinyl records, vintage home furnishings, imported American sweets and even custom-made corsets and dresses.

The boutique I want to talk about in particular is Baylis & Knight, situated on the second floor. Baylis & Knight specialise in beautiful British-made dresses and when I was wandering around a couple of weeks ago, I just happened to notice they had a sale going on.

The adorable Baylis & Knight boutique, tucked away in the corner of the second floor in Affleck’s.

 I absolutely fell in love with a woodland animal print tunic they were displaying on a mannequin outside the store. I tried on a medium and it fit perfectly everywhere apart from the arms, which were too tight. However, instead of walking away disappointed and empty-handed like I would in a high street store, the lovely assistant informed me that I could have another tunic made in the same fabric with my arm measurements for the same price! I jumped at the chance and now I have a beautiful, perfectly-fitting tunic for just £15 (reduced from £29). Oh, and a matching headband that I’ve worn almost constantly since buying for just £2.50 (reduced from £4.50).

The tunic I fell in love with. The squirrels are so cute!

 The dress only took a couple of days to make (I ordered on a Friday and it arrived instore on the following Tuesday) and I picked it up from the shop, although they can post it out to you on request. I love the cutesy retro charm of this dress, and it looks just as fabulous with tough faux leather accessories and boots as it does with vintage-inspired cardigans and ballet flats.

My tunic dress worn with the matching headband, 120 denier black tights, ASOS Always Ankle Boots (similar here) and a make-up free face which should be ignored at all costs!

 I can highly recommend Baylis & Knight to anyone who’s looking for a gorgeous custom fit dress for a great price. If you’re not able to make it to Affleck’s, they have a Facebook page, a website, an eBay page and an Etsy shop where you can order some goodies and have them sent out to you. I would gladly pay full price for their dresses and I will definitely be buying from them again – I’m thinking that their stamp print wiggle dress would be perfect for my university’s end of year ball!

Closer view of the tunic and matching headband.